Most cases and death due to novel Coronavirus(COVID-19)?

Coronavirus has become an alarming situation, sending billions of people in lockdown, since no treatment is available yet and the only advice public can follow is to adopt precautionary measures.

The virus that emerged from China last year has spread around worldwide and been declared as pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The number of COVID-19 cases varies from country to country depending on the lockdown situation and social distancing which the public is practicing.

Here is the list of top countries, there confirmed cases, death tolls and recovered patients of COVID-19 worldwide.

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Demonstration through charts shows it doesn’t matter whether it is a developed or underdeveloped country, all of them are facing the same crisis. Death toll in china has been decreased and the United States is the new victim with most confirmed and death rates. Scientists are working on Vaccines and about 70 Coronavirus vaccines are in development globally, while some are in phase 2 trials.

As the treatment or medication is not available, the only cure is to practice social distancing, avoid public areas and to take good care of the health and immune system.


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