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Hans International is a Pakistan based surgical instrument manufacturing and exporter company. Hans International offers a complete range of finest surgical instruments for all the specialties including Surgical, Dental, Beauty, Orthopedic, Veterinary Plants for over 23 years. Because of the quality of our products, our company is known around the nation for manufacturing the best products and distributing them throughout the nation as well as on international level.

Our research background and continuous practice in laboratories in Pakistan have given us the chance of an abroad network that has contributed immensely to our success. The sole purpose of our company is to bring innovative solutions by continually working on our quality, to provide you the most accurate and cost-effective products in the surgical field. When it comes to innovation and ensuring quality standards, there is no comparison to the work of Hans International.

At our manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Sialkot, Pakistan, we are setting the pace for the future of surgery and health care


OEM & Customization

Our products are customized and modified to ensure customer satisfaction at every corner.

Smarter Innovative

With continuous work being done at our company, we are always introducing better and smarter solutions.

Our Successful Approach

Our metrics are proof-positive of our successful approach. We value long-term business relationships and work with our customers to ensure that our products exceed their expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

By keeping the prices in range, we manage to fulfill our goal of providing quality care to everyone around the globe.

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Hans Surgical

Murray College Road,

Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.



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